1C: holding Management

The new product “1C: Holding company management” is an enterprise performance management system. It represents a symbiosis of the well-proven products “1C: Consolidation” and “1C: Accounting CORP”.
This information product is designed to build end-to-end business processes for planning, accounting and monitoring financial performance at the corporate level.

The main consumers of a CPM-class system are large corporations and holding companies with complex relationships and an intracompany balance.

Beneficiaries of this solution:

  • 01
    Corporations with a lot of transactions and processed financial information.
  • 02
    Large companies that seek to get an automated financial, risk management and reporting system both in accordance with RAS and IFRS for consolidated reports.
  • 03
    Holding companies whose tasks include the optimization of process management in financial services through the unification and standardization of internal and external corporate reporting.
When developing the new product, the main emphasis was placed on the development of the following functionality:
Integration functions
Reducing TCO in cross-systems and distributed IT architectures
  • Centralized
    procurement management
    Economies of scale
    Control and centralization of procurement
  • Business Analysis and BSC
    Decision support
    Strategic success factors
  • Budgeting
    operations and projects
    Spectacular budget control
    Reduced OPEX and CAPEX
  • IFRS and
    management reporting
    Taking investment
    making. Attraction
  • Contract Management
    Financial and commercial
    deal. Interest management,
    currency and credit risks
  • Cash Management
    Control, centralization
    and cash optimization
  • Control
    corporate taxes
    Tax risk reduction
    at the holding level
  • Accounting
    Tax risk reduction
    at the enterprise level
External accounting systems


  • Modernization of the subsystem for translating business transactions to the corporate chart of accounts;
  • New closing mechanisms according to the IFRS standards;
  • Tax management on the level of group of companies.


  • Using the Balanced Score Card controlling concept, which is a system of weighted indicators;
  • A large set of graphical tools for business analysis and management accounting;
  • Extended budgeting subsystem;
  • Investment project portfolio management.


  • Management of receivables, control of floating capital and trade and credit risks;
  • Financial risks hedging


Difference of “1С: holding company management” from other solutions:
  • The product was developed on the “1C: Enterprise 8.3” technological platform and accordingly has all the advantages in terms of this platform speed and scaling.
  • The wide system functionality does not require its further development – therefore, the automation project is aimed at building the optimal target model.
  • The IFRS accounting subsystem was developed in collaboration with the Big Four expert auditors and is one of the strongest IFRS accounting tools in the 1C product line;
  • Flexible budgeting system designed to build budget models of any complexity;
  • The entire focus of the product’s functionality is aimed only at the necessary financial instruments – nothing more
We are ready to introduce 1С Holding
company management at your enterprise.
Request a consultation from our specialist, and
he will select the necessary products and services for your tasks.
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