1С:ERP Enterprise Management with German Interface

The company has developed a special German language user interface for the 1C: ERP system

Until recently, the problem was that there were no 1C products on the Russian market that had a German-language user interface in addition to the standard functions for mapping business processes. However, such a user interface would have the advantage that decision-makers and clerks from the company headquarters kept a better overview of the location of their branch in Russia.

The developers of Expico managed to solve this problem: "Expico Projects" is pleased to present the integrated system "1C: ERP - Enterprise Management 2" with a German user interface.

Thanks to the multilingualism of the new system 1С:ERP with German Interface, there is a robust tool for the automatic control of business processes in companies from different industries - be it retail or production

The successful development of a German-language user interface was made possible because the employees of "Expico Projects" have the following skills:
• Professional full-time translators with a sound IT background
• practical experience in the implementation of 1C solutions in foreign companies, especially from the German-speaking countries.
• Solid expertise in Russian regulated accounting according to RAS as well as HGB and UGB.
• Expert knowledge in areas: logistics, materials management, production and finance

With the new system "1C: ERP - Enterprise Management 2" you can work in several language versions at the same time: in Russian, in English and in German.

Switching between language versions takes place at user level - this guarantees access to current system data in all languages.

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