Webinar "1C:Meat processing MES. Module for 1C:ERP": features of the finished product" 28 may 2019


The 1C company, together with the Development Center of ABS: Production Management Systems LLC (Absolut-Soft Corporate Projects group of companies), continues a series of webinars on the practice of automating operational accounting at meat processing enterprises and holds a webinar "The practice of automating a meat processing plant using" 1C : Meat processing MES. Module for 1C: ERP ": features of working with finished products."

The solution "1C: Meat processing MES. Module for 1C: ERP" refers to solutions at the MES level (manufacturing execution system) and is intended to automate the solution of tasks of operational production management at a meat processing enterprise, such as: recording actual data of operational production accounting, monitoring compliance with recipes, monitoring the progress of the process and the implementation of standards for losses and yields at various sites of production. The basic principle inherent in the work of the solution is to obtain data at the places of their occurrence and transfer information online to the accounting system. Data collection and processing is carried out at control points installed in warehouses and production sites, and are equipped, as a rule, with an industrial computer, a barcode scanner, industrial scales, a label printer, a web camera and other equipment.

In accordance with the functionality of the program, the following topic will be presented:

Features of working with finished products: from packaging to shipment.

  • The main schemes of work with finished products used in meat processing enterprises;
  • The scheme of work with finished products implemented in "1C: Meat processing MES. Module for 1C: ERP":
    • Accounting for the output of products from packaging and acceptance to the warehouse of finished products (CGP);
    • Acceptance and initial processing of customer orders;
    • Formation of assembly tasks;
    • Selection of products from stock;
    • A complete set of customer orders with simultaneous labeling;
    • Assembly of pallets.
  • Features of working with some types of finished products:
    • Half carcases and quarters of animals;
    • Semi-finished products in industrial packaging;
  • Weighted and calibrated semi-finished products in consumer packaging.

To participate are invited:

  • owners and managers of meat processing enterprises, as well as technologists and production managers;
  • Managers and employees of IT-services of enterprises;
  • representatives of 1C partners: Franchisee.

Purpose of a series of webinars:

  • inform the participants about different approaches to solving the problems of operational production management at meat processing enterprises;
  • talk about the practical experience of project management and what it is recommended to start with so that the project to implement the MES-level system will be successful;

demonstrate with examples how to automate the basic processes of data collection and preparation for operational production accounting and production management using the industry-specific solution  "1C: Meat Processing MES. Module for 1C: ERP" and introduce the solution to its functionality.

More details can be found here: https://1c.ru/news/info.jsp?id=25822

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