Employers are allowed to pay wages by mobile phone number


"Nikolai Zhuravlev, deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets, said senators are discussing amendments to the Labor Code with the Central Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Labor, which will allow you to transfer salaries by employee’s phone number as part of the quick payment system," TASS reports.

выплата зарплат по номеру телефона

The Committee, in conjunction with the Central Bank and the Ministry of Labor, is currently discussing the need to draft a bill amending the Labor Code of the Russian Federation in order to allow the Central Bank to expand the list of details for paying employees wages, which will include a mobile phone number.

Earlier it became known about the mandatory connection of all Russian banks to the quick payment system, which served as the impetus for discussing these changes. According to the Federation Council, this initiative is aimed at combating “wage slavery”, which cannot but please the country's business community. The Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation is talking about expanding methods of remuneration, as well as using the possibilities of quick payments, to which all organizations are so actively connected today.

So, we do not exclude the possibility of retaliatory actions on the part of 1C and making changes to the component 1C ZUP Salary project, which all our partners will be immediately notified of, because, indeed, the function promises to be very interesting and keeps up to date, simplifying the work of payroll and collecting information about an employee.

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