The product "1C:Management of a forestry enterprise. Module for 1C:ERP or 1C:KA 2" company "neosistemy Northwest LTD"


Successfully passed the next certification for obtaining the status "Compatible! 1C: Software System 1C: Enterprise Product System" 1C: Logging Enterprise Management. Module for 1C: ERP and 1C: KA2 ", ed. 2.4, developed by Neosystems North-West LTD, LLC and submitted for certification as an addition to the typical configurations 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2, ed. 2.4 and Integrated Automation, ed. 2, developed in the "1C: Enterprise 8.3" environment as a managed application on the "Taxi" interface.

"1C: Management of a logging enterprise. Module for 1C: ERP and 1C: КА2"

Product "1C: Logging Enterprise Management. Module for 1C: ERP and 1C: КА2", ed. 2.4 is intended for automation of forest fund management and timber harvesting processes at logging enterprises.

Key industry features of the program:

  • maintaining a register of forest plots;
  • registration of material allotments of forest plots;
  • formation of a forest declaration;
  • transfer of logging sites to own divisions and subcontractors;
  • closure of plots;
  • registration of violations on plots;
  • registration of harvesting and skidding of roundwood, including the work of harvesters, forwarders, employees;
  • registration of the export and shipment of roundwood, timber measurements;
  • calculation of volumes of roundwood per cubic meter;
  • plan-factual analysis of logging;
  • loading data from forestry equipment (harvesters and forwarders) in StanForD format on the composition of harvested wood and the operation of the equipment;
  • integration with "1C: GIS Spatial Data Management".

The configuration "Management of a logging enterprise. The module for 1C: ERP and 1C: KA2" was developed on the basis of the standard configuration "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2", ed. 2.4 system of programs "1C: Enterprise 8" with the preservation of all the basic capabilities and mechanisms of this standard solution. The configuration is not an independent software product; for it to work, the installed platform "1C: Enterprise 8.3" must be at least version 8.3.12.

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