Plans to change prices for 1C:ERP and 1C:Corporation


"1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2" – an innovative solution for the automation of large and medium-sized businesses, which went on sale December 31, 2013. Over the past years, more than 3,300 organizations have acquired 1C: ERP; the solution has proven its effectiveness in 900 deployments. All these years, the functionality of the solution has been actively developed, the resources for the development and support of the solution have been significantly increased, while the cost of the product has remained unchanged.

Following the discussion at the Big Spring Seminar of 1C partners, it is planned to change prices for individual deliveries of the 1C: Enterprise system for Russia:

  • In the summer of 2019, after the release of the final version of the configuration “Holding Management. ERP”, it is planned to change the price of the integrated solutions package “1C: Corporation”, which includes the new configuration. At the planned price "1C: Holding Management. ERP" 1 950 000 rubles. the price of "1C: Corporation" is planned to be set at the level of 2,050,000 rubles. The final decision will be announced in a separate newsletter.
  • Starting November 1, 2019, it is planned to change prices for individual deliveries, including the configuration "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2".

It is planned to change prices for software products, including the configuration "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2": the main supply, a set of solutions for medium-sized businesses "1C: ERP + Document Management"Corporate delivery and Licenses for subsidiaries and branches, some industry solutions.

An information letter is published well in advance, so that users and partners have the opportunity to calmly assess the situation and make an informed decision about the purchase or upgrade of products at old prices.

For more information on all the information and new prices, you can look at the site:

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