A lecture on the automation of settlements with counterparties in “1C: Accounting 8” is available for video viewing


On July 25, 1C specialists held a lecture “Automation of settlements with counterparties in the program“ 1C: Accounting 8 ”(rev. 3.0)”. ” Video recording of the lecture was posted on the site 1C: Lecture.

The video is divided into parts:

Part 1. Accounting for counterparties in the program         

Part 2. Features of settlements with counterparties

Part 3. Debt Accounting 

Part 4. Provisions for bad debts

Part 5. Factoring

The next lecture can be visited in 1C: Lectures on September 5. The topic of the lecture will be “Actual issues of personal income tax accounting in“ 1C: Salary and personnel management 8 ”(rev. 3). We are preparing for the transition to electronic personnel document management.”

You can familiarize yourself with other events on pages 1C: Lecture.  There is a possibility of free test access for 7 days.

Lectures will be held in Moscow on the street. Seleznevskaya, 34.

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