About determination by the Ministry of Finance of new terms for increasing customs duties


The Ministry of Finance has prepared an increase in the rate of customs duty during customs operations related to the release of goods. A single portal for the placement of NPA published a draft government decree.

The updated project established 11 general rates in the range of 775 rubles - 30,000 rubles. The highest rate of customs duty will not be changed, but the lowest will be raised by 55%. The customs duty is increased from 250 rubles to 500 with regard to goods imported by individuals for personal use in the Russian Federation (excluding those imported without paying customs duties and taxes).

The project contains the sizes of special customs duties ranging from 6,000 to 20,000 rubles, in case of uncertainty and non-declaration of the customs value of imported / exported goods.
The project approved non-payment of customs duties for customs operations that relate to goods not subject to export customs duties related to the customs procedure of export.

Previously, the application of new customs duty rates is expected from January 1, 2020.
Previously, the Ministry of Finance submitted for public discussion options on how to increase customs duty rates. Do not forget to make corrections and additions to your 1C 8 SCP.

According to the first option, it was proposed to differentiate customs duty rates. For the second and third options, which are similar to today's ones, it was supposed to enter into force in 2019. The Government of the Russian Federation is responsible for choosing a project for which the rates of customs duties will increase.

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