On reducing the amount of erroneous tax payments in 2019


According to the Federal Tax Service, starting in 2019, they were reduced by 34%, and this is 3.8 billion rubles, the total amount of tax payments that were accrued erroneously.

On reducing the amount of erroneous tax payments in 2019

The tax authorities are confident that such indicators were achieved due to the fact that changes were made to tax legislation. Since 2019, tax officials have been clarifying erroneous payments; they are not waiting for the taxpayer to file an application, as was the practice earlier. In addition, the accounts of bodies of the Federal Treasury can be clarified.

Thus, if the taxpayer mistakenly transfers money to the budget of Moscow, and not the Moscow region, it is enough to clarify the account. The tax authorities are allowed to do this on their own initiative and at the request of citizens.

It should be recalled that before, in similar situations, taxpayers re-paid the tax using the correct details, penalty, in case of missing the payment deadline and submitting an application for a refund.

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