The beginning of the commercial use of "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2" in the service of from January 1, 2019


Starting January 1, 2019, paid tariffs are introduced for the 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 application ( in the 1C: Enterprise 8 Service via the Internet ( .

1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 "(1C: ERP) is an innovative solution for building integrated information systems for managing the activities of multidisciplinary enterprises, including those with technically sophisticated multi-productive production, developed taking into account the best world and domestic practices of automating large and medium-sized businesses.

"1C: ERP" in the service "1C: Enterprise 8 via the Internet" is useful:

  • small enterprises with technically complex production, interested in using the wide possibilities of production planning and accounting in "1C: ERP";
  • recently created manufacturing organizations ready to build their business processes using the typical capabilities of the flagship solution of 1C;
  • small and medium scale geographically-distributed trading and manufacturing companies;
  • “1C: Industrial Enterprise Management” users who want to try using “1C: ERP” on their data for the subsequent transition to it;
  • to users of "1C: Integrated Automation 2" in the service "1C: Enterprise 8 via the Internet" who want a more functional solution while preserving the accumulated data;
  • enterprises that carry out a quick start of the project with standard functionality with the possibility in the future to switch to "1C: ERP" with improvements, the need for which will be identified during the initial use of the product in the cloud;
  • users already working in the configurations “Trade Management”, “Enterprise Accounting”, “Salary and Human Resource Management” who want to work through the Internet in a single integrated solution;
  • various organizations interested in studying "1C: ERP" before acquiring it.

Work in the service "1C: Enterprise 8 via the Internet" is aimed at enterprises that need typical functionality with the possibility of non-global improvements. Using configuration extensions, you can:

  • add to the service application the print forms and reports you need;
  • Create the data processing necessary for your business;
  • integrate service applications with other programs;
  • change the user interface of the application;
  • change the roles of a typical configuration and much more.

Terms of Use

The list of partners who can connect users to the application can be found here.

Partners can once provide users who connect from January 01, 2019 and later, a test tariff for 1 year. If the organization has several legal entities, then the test tariff is provided 1 time for the entire group of legal entities. Later, the conditions of the test tariff may change.

On the test tariff, the client is provided with:

  • access to the application "1C: ERP";
  • 1 information base for real accounting, 1 information base for testing;
  • 50 users (sessions, simultaneously open browser windows), more sessions - for a fee.

In order to switch to paid use of the service, a new user needs to conclude a 1C contract with ITS partner: ITS or ITSaaS.

Users who connected to the service before 12/31/2018 can keep records until 04/30/2019 at no extra charge. Tariff expiration date will be extended automatically. From May 01, 2019, these users can continue to work in the application for a fee by choosing one of the tariffs listed below, or switch to the local version (purchase a boxed or electronic delivery of the application).

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