Expico company has started the QMS project according to ISO 9001 standards


Since May 1, 2020 Expico has entered into a project to introduce a quality management system in its enterprise. What is a quality management system for an IT company?

The project "1C: Quality Management System (1C: QMS) includes methodological assistance in the implementation of a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard in enterprises, the 1C: Franchising network. The main objective of this project is to improve the quality of implementation of software products and increase quality of service.

Despite the fact that the principles of quality management of the company Expo have been the basis for the formation and provision of company services for many years, the implementation of SCM according to international standards is an absolute requirement for the further growth and development of our company.

We plan to fulfill the requirements of the QMS within the next 6 months and obtain an ISO 9001 certificate. Naturally, this will require reorganization and reengineering of some already established processes of our company. Nevertheless, we guarantee that any changes in further interaction with our customers will not affect the cost and quality of the services provided by our specialists!

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