Expico receives a new status 1C: network competence center


Once again, Expico Company confirmed its 1C competencies and expanded the range of services offered - it passed additional certification and received the status of “1C: Network Competence Center”. This status is especially relevant at present - our specialists are now able to connect their clients to popular programs in the clouds.

“1C in the clouds” provides simple and easy access to 1C: Enterprise products from anywhere in the world.

All applications are located on high-performance 1C servers, which guarantees unrivaled application protection and high performance.

The company "Expo" as a partner of "1C: CSK" is ready to provide its customers with services to connect to the following products of the 1C: Enterprise family:

“1C: Enterprise Accounting”;
“1C-FIREPLACE: Salary”;
“1C: Management of a small company”;
"1C: Reporting of the entrepreneur";
"1C: Accounting of a state institution."
To connect to these services, the Customer must fulfill the following conditions:

or have a valid contract “1C: ITS”
or conclude a license agreement with a partner 1C: CSK
Working with 1C cloud applications through our service is available at one of two main ITS tariffs:

PROF level (using an unlimited number of programs and connecting five simultaneously working users)
TECHNO level (using only one program and connecting two simultaneously working users).

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