Electronic workbooks in Russia


According to the Federal Law of December 16, 2019 No. 439-ФЗ "On Amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation regarding the generation of information on labor activity in electronic form" from January 1, 2020, employers are required to issue electronic labor books (ETC) for their employees, and by January 2021, such books should be available to all citizens of the Russian Federation who come to work.

The goal is to simplify the workflow, save money and time, but at the transition stage, the costs will only increase, and the process of transition to the ETC will not be easy.

First, employers should get a report form in the FIU, for which purpose - install new software for the HR service and start maintaining two databases: for employees with the ETC and those who stayed with the paper version, avoiding the “double” data. Employees wishing to obtain an ETC, or leave a paper shopping mall, must write the appropriate statements. Along the way, many questions will arise, for example: what will the owner of the ETC present at the bank when trying to get a loan? In what form will entries be made in the ETC, how will they be certified and corrected, if necessary? Will the paper work book be restored if it is lost or damaged? etc.

Information on the timing, form and procedure for transferring information about labor activity to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and about new obligations of employers in connection with the transition to the ETC, as well as other relevant legislative news, can be found by subscribing to the closed ITS resource (Information and Technology Support). Technical and informational support for the platform is provided by 1C and its official representative, Exco.

One of the main areas of user support for programs is the provision of technological platform updates, standard configurations and reporting forms: http: // https: //expico-projects.ru/maintenance/1c-its

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