The company Expico has developed a German interface for "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2"


2019 was a landmark year for 1C for the promotion and adaptation of software products for the needs of international companies and in the international market. At the beginning there was a release “1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2” with an English interface. That is, in the standard delivery 1C: ERP with the release of release, the 1C: ERP system was able to switch the interface to English. Next, 1C informed the community about the release of a unique product 1C: ERP World Edition. 1C: ERP WE is a unique product for use in the international market. It is ideal for Russian enterprises that already operate 1C: ERP and plan to automate business processes of their subsidiaries abroad.

Given the constantly growing interest of foreign Customers in 1C products and services, Expico has developed a version of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 in German.

“1C: ERP Enterprise Management2” with a German user interface is a modification of the standard 1C: ERP system of version, which has the ability to switch the user interface from Russian to German and English.

The system is intended for enterprises that are planning to implement the 1C: ERP system in their subsidiary in Russia or are already using 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.

In what cases the use of 1C: ERP system with a German interface could be interesting:

  • A project is planned to introduce 1C: ERP in a subsidiary. The project is supervised by experts from the company's head office. When building a functional model of an enterprise, the involvement of experts from the head office in such areas as finance, production, logistics, and sales is often required. The ability to build a functional model in German and the work of 1C experts who speak German greatly increase the success of the project.
  • Your company has already successfully implemented and uses 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2. However, the parent company has a number of interested parties who need analytical reports and reports on their Russian “daughter”. In this case, expanding the program through the German 1C interface will be an advantage.

The release of this solution, as well as the localization and adaptation of software solutions made 1C products more in demand for German companies.

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