1C solutions during the crisis


Coronavirus reached Russia. In the framework of quarantine, where possible, we transfer employees to a remote mode of operation. How will this affect the workflow?
In such a situation, employment contracts should be supplemented by additional agreements on distance work for a certain period (that is, on work outside the employer's office). In this case, the interaction, as a rule, occurs with the help of telephony and the Internet.
The contract can specify a certain period of transferring the project to a distance framework, or apply the following wording: "... until the epidemiological situation in the city (region or country) is normalized."

The terms of the conditions for remote work can be determined by decisions of the executive branch of the regional or local level. For example, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin from 03.03.2020 introduced Act No. 12-UM “On the introduction of high availability”, implying the introduction of an agreement on remote work.
The Labor Code of the Russian Federation does not prohibit an employee from applying to an employer for a transfer to remote work, but the employer himself must notify employees of the introduction of a new work procedure in advance.
Also, the employer is not obliged to provide the employee in remote work with equipment, software and hardware, information protection tools, but is obliged to reimburse the employee for the costs associated with the performance of labor duties.
Of course, only employees of offices and companies where the main tools are IT-technologies, voice communications and the creation of electronic documents will be able to work remotely.

More detailed information on the transfer of employees to the “distance”, as well as other relevant legislative news, can be found by subscribing to the closed ITS resource (Information Technology Support). Technical and informational support for the platform is provided by 1C and its official representative Eхpico LLC.
One of the main areas of user support for programs is the provision of technological platform updates, standard configurations and reporting forms: https://expico-projects.ru/maintenance/1c-its

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