What does the implementation of the application solution "1C:ERP Enterprise Management"give us

Let's take a closer look at what the implementation of the application solution "1C:ERP Enterprise Management" gives us.
Позволяет Allows you to organize a single information system for managing different parts of the enterprise.
 Is a comprehensive solution that covers the main contours of management and accounting.

Financial management
The functionality that allows you to create requests for spending funds is performed in stages, which allows you to control and manage finances more transparently at each step.
 It is very convenient to track the entire financial chain from its formation to debiting or moving. In the functionality with banks for acquiring operations, the stage of registering a report from the bank on crediting payments, withholding commission, and debiting funds has been added. All this is in addition to our own registration of payment transactions and refunds of payment cards.
 Without distorting the accounting of funds on current accounts, it is very convenient to track all incoming and outgoing payments separately for primary payment documents, you can form separate statements. This allows you to keep detailed records of funds that are in the process of crediting, moving or debiting.
 In the context of the direction of the company's activity, financial results (losses and profits) are recorded. Very flexibly, you can configure the rules for the distribution of cost and revenue.

Let's summarize the main innovative solutions of the functional:
Учет Accounting of deposits, loans and borrowings;
 Very flexible tools for the introduction of a payment calendar;
 (payment cards) Acquiring;
Инвентари Inventory of current accounts and cash registers;
 Advanced features for current payments;
 Routes for approving applications;
 For cash flow - analytical reporting;
Flexible tools have been created for the formation of payment documents for future dates;
Возможность Ability to set up financial accounting according to international standards;
 It is possible to create documents based on standard operations;
Ауд Auditability of data;
Регистрация Registration of non-financial indicators;
 Using template transactions;
 Financial Report Generator;
 Without transformation linking transactions to documents;
отлож deferred reflection of transactions in accounting;
Представлена A customized methodological model is presented: financial statements under IFRS, transaction templates, chart of accounts;

All this allows you to analyze in detail the efficiency of the enterprise and develop the business, optimizing the composition of the activities.
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