Belarus. Conference "1C:ERP enterprise Management 2 for Belarus" may 23, 2019 in Minsk


1C company invites users, potential customers and partners to participate in the conference "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Belarus", which will be held May 23, 2019 in Minsk.

Conference venue: IBB Conference Center, 11 Pravda Newspaper Avenue, Minsk.

To participate in the conference are invited:

  • representatives of the management team of enterprises: owners and shareholders, general and executive directors, financial directors and chief accountants, IT directors, technical directors and production managers;
  • representatives of 1C partners (together with representatives of enterprises invited by them);
  • media representatives.

The conference is organized by  1C in conjunction with the Development Center of the Four D Group of Companies.

Format and program of the event

The aim of the conference is to inform participants about the new opportunities of “1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Belarus”, about the possibilities of industry and specialized solutions that expand the capabilities of “1C: ERP” for industry, agriculture, transport and logistics, wholesale and retail trade, services, including detailed reviews of the most significant functional capabilities, as well as the exchange of experience on projects implementing 1C: ERP.

The program involves a one-day conference with presentations and vernissage of software products.

Conference participants will be able to directly address their questions to 1C specialists, Four D localization partner, franchisee partners representing 1C solutions, as well as learn about experience in implementing 1C: ERP implementation projects for Belarus and others decisions, communicate with company representatives, exchange views on business automation in the course of direct communication with each other.

Brief preliminary content of the conference events:

May 23, 2019, Wednesday

Participant Terms

  • Representatives of the management team of enterprises - free of charge, subject to mandatory preliminary registration and confirmation from the organizers of the conference.
  • Representatives of partners of the company "1C" - only in conjunction with invited customers, subject to mandatory pre-registration. At the invitation and presence at the conference of the partner’s clients - free participation of one partner’s representative for two representatives of invited customers.
  • Media representatives - free pre-accreditation participation.

Limited number of seats.

The conference package for one listener includes: participation in all events of the business program of the conference, coffee breaks, handouts.

Registration of conference participants

Registration of conference participants is carried out on the website of the Four D group of companies:

You can also register on the website of the company "1C":

Applications for user reports on successful implementation projects of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Belarus and industry solutions of 1C company are accepted (applications can be submitted by users or partners of 1C, who performed the implementation by the user). It is also possible to provide jobs at the opening day on a sponsorship basis, by prior agreement with the 1C company and the Four D group of companies.

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