1C Euphoria: 1C company announced a competition with prizes and gifts


Interesting fact! 1C Company announced a competition among Accountants and other users of 1C programs. As the organizers say, “Often software users scold him and let off steam, telling everyone how bad everything is. We offer, on the contrary, to talk about the good aspects of our software. And for this, you also get valuable prizes and gifts!”

The rules for participation in the competition are very simple, you need to fulfill only two simple conditions:

  1. Perform registration and authorization on the site BUH.1C.
  2. Leave your story marked "1C: Euphoria" with your story about what you still admire in 1C programs in the comments to the news (the organizer also asks you to indicate the version of the program in which you are working).

The results of the competition will be announced on October 28, 2019. According to the results of the competition, the editorial office of BUKH.1S will select among the users who left the most capacious and useful comments 10 lucky ones who will become owners of valuable prizes.

In the form of prizes will be presented a set of useful applications and branded products 1C. Please note that the winners will be selected only from among those registered on the official website of BUH RU due to the inability to identify anonymous users.

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