1C: Comprehensive Automation 2

License "1C: Comprehensive Automation 1" is excluded from the price list of 1C and partners
Dear customers, since May 1, 2018, it was decided to exclude the 1C: KA1 product line from the 1C official price list and partners, as well as to discontinue support for this type of product.
In place of 1C: KA1 A qualitatively new 1C: KA2 product line has arrived.
Possessing wide and balanced functionality, “1C: Comprehensive Automation 2” creates for the owners, managers and employees of the enterprise a unified working environment, convenient and effective both for performing daily tasks, and for analyzing and supporting management decisions.
Support 1C: IA1 and how to buy (switch) to 1C: IA2
1C and partners are well aware that many users may need support for the current version of 1C: KA1 software, because you have the opportunity to enter into a contract or extend support for this product, but we must inform you about the absence of updates to a number of advantages that are taken into account in the new product 1C: KA2
We are moving from 1C: KA1 to 1C: KA2 license (Integrated Automation 2)
The cost of the transition to 1C: KA2. License and implementation
You have the opportunity to make a completely painless migration from 1C: KA1 to a more advanced and modern product on an upgrade basis with a big discount on the 1C: KA2.
Qualitatively new product 1C: КА2 and industry solutions
  • Functional scope, experience gained 14 years
  • Cross-platform: from cloud to mobile devices
  • Regular update and introduction of innovations
  • High performance and ability to work with thousands of 1C-workstations
With Expico, it is easy to buy a 1C: KA2 license and upgrade!
Modernization of the old version and implementation of KA2 class systems is not an easy task, which can lead to a large number of errors and a decrease in the efficiency of your company's performance. However, in the case of working with exerts, which is our team, risks can be safely excluded!
  • We offer a proven scheme for the transition to the 1C system: KA2
  • Perform the necessary hyphenation, integration and refinement of configurations
  • We implement, we train and we support further
Order a migration to 1C: KA2
And get a bonus of up to 12 hours of work of 1C experts
Ideal configuration taking into account all features of your business.
1C specialists will select the best solution for you!
Fill out the form, ask your questions and get
preliminary assessment of the project for your company.
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