1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2

The acquisition of "1C:ERP" - one of the most efficient investments of any large company in 2019
“1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2” is a modern ERP system for companies of any size and line of business that can effectively unite all departments of an organization, save managers from unnecessary routine actions and direct all efforts to competent management and development of their companies.
The acquisition of the “1C: ERP” license must be carried out correctly and in stages, starting with an audit of your organization and its activities by 1C specialists
The cost of a license 1C: ERP 2
The license for configuration is 432.000 rubles. As a rule, as part of an implementation project, these licenses are also required to be acquired:
  • License for application server "1C: Enterprise 8" – from 50.400 rubles
  • Client licenses for workplaces "1C: Enterprise 8" – from 6.300 rubles (1 workplace)
  • Licenses of remote offices (or branches) - from 120.000 rubles
  • Licenses of subsidiaries - from 120.000 rubles

It's worth noting that the product really contains all the system modules for all divisions. For example, you save significant additional costs when purchasing a 1C license.

Implementation and support
It is not enough to buy a 1C: ERP 2 license, the most important step is its proper implementation, on the way of which it is necessary to overcome several basic steps:
  • Pre-project audit of the company and its organizational structures
  • Clarification of goals and objectives, development of the project implementation of ERP
  • Implementation of software products and their configuration, preparation of APM
  • Debugging work and connections of all organizational structures of the enterprise
  • Staff training on product use
  • Further maintenance, support and refinement
All this is ready to provide you with the official partner of 1C, a group of companies "EXPIKO"
What determines the cost of implementation
  • Complexity of the project
  • Region
  • Number of automated places
  • Labor costs
Most often, the final cost of the project is directly proportional to the number of automated workplaces, which is the main effort in implementing ERP.
Ideal configuration taking into account all features of your business.
1C specialists will select the best solution for you!
Fill out the form, ask your questions and get
preliminary assessment of the project for your company.
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