Company management

    Project Office Manage
    Dmitry Teplitsky graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg with a specialization in logistics and from the very beginning of his career worked in international IT companies and in the field of consulting on reengineering business process processes and integrated logistics and production systems. He participated in many international consulting projects as a project manager and lead consultant.
    Dmitry is responsible for managing the company's project portfolio and for developing the EXPICO partner network.
  • Gafarov Evgeny
    Gafarov Evgeny
    Technical director responsible for quality policy
    Candidate of Phys.-Math sciences in the specialty "Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics". Evgeny has long worked in leadership positions in large IT integrators, such as Asteros and Gazprom-Automation as the head of 1C practice and an expert in the formation of highly-efficient development teams.
    In the EXPICO group of companies, Evgeny Rashidovich deals with issues of innovations in the 1C sphere and the quality policy of the company's services.
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