Company history

OOO EXPICO Company was established in 2013 by like-minded people with extensive consulting experience in the implementation of ERP-systems and integrated solutions for business automation.

О компании Экспико

That said, the focus was placed on international enterprises that encountered difficulties adapting their corporate systems to the conditions and legislation of the EAC countries.

To solve local problems, such as accounting and tax accounting, trading processes, and a “quick start” of a new enterprise’s operation on the local market, many foreign enterprises resorted and still resort to using 1C systems. But in most cases, for foreign headquarters, 1C seems to be some kind of a “black box” from the point of view of preparing reports and solving other similar problems.

That is why we set ourselves the goal of helping international enterprises get the maximum from 1C applications that provides the rich functionality of modern ERP class products.

Our company quickly began developing in the field of consulting and implementation of products for foreign companies, and currently has versatile expertise in implementing 1C corporate systems.

История компании

Since 2017, we have been using a representative office in the EU, as well as a number of employees fluent in foreign languages. We began to actively develop cooperation not only with our target customers, but also work in conjunction with large consulting companies and IT integrators, who often require a narrow-focused 1C expertise.

For the year 2019, our company is planning regional expansion, as well as development of its own product line of software products on the "1C: Enterprise" platform for foreign companies.

In addition to open vacancies, we are always open to cooperation with new partners and like-minded people who want to make the market for 1C product introduction services more competitive and developed.

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